Semi-Absentee Franchise Opportunities

We live in an interesting time.

New business opportunities arise while some businesses lose revenue to the point where they have to close their doors. Not long ago stable jobs were eliminated. New jobs are not that readily available. Current jobs have to sustain “new normal” tests.

Is it time to think about starting the business you have always thought about but were never able to pull the trigger?

Well, there is an option to own a business while keeping your current job.

One of the options to consider is a semi-absentee franchise business, one you can start and run while still maintaining a job or other obligations. It typically requires 10 to 15 hours a week of time investment once it’s up and running. Think of it as a side-hustle that can grow into a full time business and provide you with financial stability.

The ideal semi-absentee franchise business is set up to have a manager in place-from day one. This is in contrast to a franchise business which requires the franchisee to operate the business from day-one, but who can eventually hire a manager to assist in the daily operation of the business.

If you want to learn more about semi-absentee franchise opportunities in your area, check our select group of franchise organizations from different industries that fit the semi-absentee franchise criteria. The investment level and owner’s involvement vary to accommodate different types of franchisees.

There is one thing in common between these companies - they all show above industry average level of growth in 2021.


Meineke gives you the unbeatable combination of experience, brand strength, and industry-leading technology. Customers come to our one-stop centers for everything from oil changes to tire replacement, transmission work and general auto repair.

Premier Martial Arts

Interest in martial arts is at an all-time high; popular culture is inundated with examples of martial artists, leading new generations of people to martial arts for fitness and more structured ways to work out. Parents are turning to martial arts as a sport for kids, often with the goal of developing character while having fun.
Premier Martial Arts is one of the nation’s leading investment opportunities in this attractive market segment.

Strickland Brothers

Strickland Brothers is your one-stop shop for fast and friendly oil change & maintenance services. Although we are well-known for our drive-thru 10 minute oil change, we also offer a variety of professional automotive maintenance and repair services to keep your vehicle running like it should.


With more than 2,700 no-appointment-required salons across the country, Supercuts offers consistent, quality haircuts at a moment’s notice. Our highly trained stylists take pride in providing the attention-to-detail you’ve come to expect from Supercuts.

Teriyaki Madness

For 15 years, the madness has continued, in an endless effort to bring our one-of-a-kind teriyaki taste to people everywhere. Are we saying our goal is complete world domination, led by a teriyaki government? Well, we’re not-NOT saying it. But we think everyone deserves a delicious, heaping helping of healthy food, made by hand by people who care.