The Waxxpot® concept dates back to 2003 when founder Daniel Sadd created Salon Lofts® to provide salon suite rentals to independent beauty entrepreneurs, so they could run their own beauty businesses in their own space. With 3,500+ beauty professionals in 142+ locations, Salon Lofts has grown into a leading suite rental concept in the United States and is still growing rapidly. Waxxpot® is a natural extension.

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The ABA world is an exciting industry. As the fastest growing market in the healthcare industry, ABA offers an exciting prospect for business owners. If you’re thinking about taking the big leap to clinic ownership, joining a national franchise can give you a higher probability of success.
SOS Franchising will train you and your key employees to operate a successful ABA business. Our expert teams will assist you in establishing an LLC, hiring staff, marketing, medical billing, and much more! As a part of a national franchise, you assume our reputation of excellence that clients trust.